2021 St. Louis City Mayor’s Contest Survey Results

January 11, 2021

Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed and Treasurer Tishaura Jones hold a commanding two-to-one lead over their opponents leading up to the March 2021 non-partisan primary. 

Show Me Victories asked St. Louis City voters several questions to gauge support for Mayoral candidates. Show Me Victories asked voters who their number one choice for mayor would be if the March 2021 election were held today. The survey found that 30% of voters support Lewis Reed, 28% support Tishuara Jones, 11% support Cara Spencer, 5% support Andrew Jones, and 27% remain undecided.  

Despite electoral changes brought about by the passage of Proposition D, the majority (59%) of likely March 2021 voters say they intend to vote for one candidate for mayor. In contrast, one out of five voters (21%) say they will support multiple mayoral candidates. 

The overwhelming majority of black and north city voters intend to vote for one rather than multiple candidates for mayor. Specifically, 76% of north city residents and 74% of black voters intend to support only one candidate for mayor. In contrast, 50% of whites, along with 54% of central city, and 49% of south city, voters intend to support only one candidate for mayor.

Question 6: Mayoral Race: Due to the passage of Proposition D, candidates running in the March 2021 municipal primary will do so on a nonpartisan basis without party labels. Moreover, voters will be given the option to vote for one, a few, or all, of the candidates they find acceptable to hold office—with the top two vote getters advancing to the April 2021 runoff election.

If the March 2021 election for mayor of the City of St. Louis were held today and the candidates were Lewis Reed, Cara Spencer, Tishaura Jones, and Andrew Jones, who would be your number one choice for mayor?

Question 7: Proposition D Impact on Vote: Do you intend to vote for ONE candidate or multiple candidates for mayor?

Questions 8-12: Approval of Mayoral Candidates: This March you will be able to vote for more than one candidate for mayor. Let me read you a list of the candidates and please tell me if you would vote for that candidate or not. Please note: Questions 8-12 were NOT asked of respondents who said they would ONLY vote for one candidate in Question 7.

Question 8: Lewis Reed

Question 9: Cara Spencer

Question 10: Tishaura Jones

Question 11: Andrew Jones

Show Me Victories conducted a survey of 732 registered voters in the City of St. Louis likely to participate in the March 2, 2021 non-partisan municipal primary election. The interviews took place between January 5-8, 2021. The survey data was collected using an Interactive Voice Response system administered to landline telephones only and SMS-to-web texts administered to cellular phones only. The margin of error for the entire sample is +/- 4.0%. 

Full results and crosstabulations here. 

Show Me Victories is a leading Democratic polling firm in St. Louis. The Show Me Victories team is led by Bryce Summary, Ph.D. Bryce has a Ph.D. in political science with extensive expertise in survey methodology and survey administration. Dr. Summary has authored numerous articles featured in professional journals and book chapters, and his doctoral dissertation focused primarily on survey research and data analysis. Show Me Victories is not currently contracted with any Mayoral candidate or independent expenditure in support of a candidate.