Our Approach

Everything we do is backed by research and fronted by personable experts. When you work with anyone at Show Me Victories, you get a full team of thinkers and researchers, with a deep knowledge of strategic messaging, campaigns and data. 

Whether you want to run for office, engage your audience or pass a ballot initiative, we’ve got you covered.

We delve into data. We tell it like it is. We get results.

We have known for decades that promises without action are meaningless, Here, if you want to make a point worthy of our attention, let the facts and numbers drive a strategy based on action. So don’t just TELL me your intentions, SHOW-ME.

Michael Kelley Founder  
Braxton Payne Senior Strategist & Director of Digital Communications  
Megan Shackelford Senior Strategist & Director of Campaign Services  
Bryce Summary, Ph.D. Director of Research  
Barney Lindley Director of Operations  
Tom Platten Creative Director  
Nick Glover Communications Strategist