Digital Communications

Show Me Victories (SMV) is an experienced communications and digital media agency focused on public communications. SMV provides organizations with a unified positive brand across all forms of communications, including social media platforms, digital advertising, email services, and text messaging services. SMV currently manages the social media accounts of over four-dozen organizations.

SMV has extensive organizing experience and specializes in communications for labor union organizations, political campaigns, non-profits, and progressive advocacy groups. Our team has the capability and flexibility to provide strategically tested messaging. We also place digital advertising to focus on a targeted audience, garnering their attention and translating that attention into taking action.

Our team is unique as we provide not only the experience of digital experts but those of communication experts from a variety of backgrounds with decades of combined experience.

Targeted Digital Advertising

SMV has experience running targeted digital ads with budgets of over one million dollars to communications plans that only have a couple of hundred dollars to spend. Whether the budget is big or small it is key to target your advertising dollars to persuade and inform like-minded supporters. Digital advertising in political campaigns has grown over 700% in the past several election cycles. Digital ad spending should never be an afterthought, rather part of any successful communications plan. 

SMV has experience not only running targeted digital ads for political campaigns but has also been successful in other realms such as non-profit fundraisers, non-profit advocacy campaigns, labor union organizing campaigns, civic engagement campaigns, political pressure campaigns – among others. This experience aids our team in developing a winning strategy based not just on industry best practices but also real-world experience.

Our team knows that with any successful communications strategy, there will be a paid component. The paid component can include but not be limited to social media advertising, geotracking advertising, pre-roll advertising, OTT (Over-the-Top) advertising, and banner advertising.