Freddie O’Connell Leads Alice Rolli by Double Digits in the Race for Nashville Mayor

August 21, 2023

Freddie O’Connell Leads Alice Rolli by Double Digits in the Race for Nashville Mayor


An independent survey conducted by political firm, Show Me Victories, shows O’Connell with a lead over Rolli by 18%, and a strong majority see Nashville heading in the wrong direction.


Nashville, TN – Show Me Victories, a full-service political consulting company based in St. Louis, MO, conducted a survey of 430 registered voters in Davidson County who are likely to vote in the September 14 Metro Nashville Mayoral runoff election. The results showed Freddie O’Connell with support of 58% of Nashville voters and Alice Rolli with 40%, with 2% undecided. Of the 2% of undecided voters, 91% of them are leaning toward voting for O’Connell.

“O’Connell is the clear front runner in the race for Nashville Mayor,” stated Show Me Victories Senior Political Strategist, Braxton Payne. “83% of O’Connell voters strongly support his candidacy and 91% of undecided of voters pick O’Connell as their first choice.” O’Connell’s positive campaign has resonated with Nashville voters.

A vast majority of Nashville voters think Nashville is heading in the wrong direction. 66% of Nashville voters view Nashville as heading in the wrong direction, while 34% say Nashville is heading in the right direction. Only 34% of voters approve of Mayor John Cooper’s job performance, while 49% disapprove.

Nashville voters view quality public education as the most pressing issue facing Nashville. When asked to rank the most important issues facing Nashville, voters viewed quality public education, improving public transportation, and affordable childcare as the top three issues facing Nashville. Voters were the least passionate about crime and public safety, along with commercial development.

“Rolli’s campaign has focused on taxes, public safety, and improving schools. While Rolli is in line with voters on improving schools, taxes, and public safety rank five and seven respectively out of eight issues. “Rolli’s only hope in turning around the results is to turnout her base vote that believe crime and taxes are the most pressing issues facing Nashville,” stated Braxton Payne. “O’Connell’s campaign has focused on expanding childcare, affordable housing, and public transportation. All three of his campaign issues rank in the top four. Voters believe Nashville is heading in the wrong direction, but O’Connell is in line with Nashville voters on the issues they care most about.”

Only 34% of voters approve of the improvements and investment in the Tennessee Titans Stadium, while 54% disapprove. Also, when voters were asked if an endorsement of Nashville voter, Taylor Swift, would persuade their vote, only 8% of voters stated they would be more likely to support that candidate, while 19% said they would be less likely to support that candidate, and 71% said it would not change their vote.

The survey was conducted independent of any campaign or political action committee and Show Me Victories was not paid to perform this survey. Show Me Victories worked in conjunction with Bruce and Vic Fingerhut of Fingerhut Campaigns and Will Westmoreland of Highlander Political Strategies to implement and analyze the data. The survey was conducted between August 11 and August 16. The data was collected using SMS-to-web text messages to cellular phones. The margin of error is 3.8%.


Show Me Victories is an experienced communications and political firm performing work throughout the United States. Show Me Victories offers a wide range of services for its clients including digital communications, campaign management, polling, research, direct mail, email management, and fundraising. Show Me Victories clients include labor unions, nonprofits, candidate campaigns, political action committees, elected officials, coalitions, government agencies, and civic leaders.

Vic Fingerhut Campaigns is an internationally recognized and respected survey research and communications firm that has polled and designed campaigns for political groups, governments, labor unions, businesses, and non-profits globally.

Highlander Political Strategies is based in Southwest Missouri and provides telephone and texting services in the research, non-profit and political market segments.