Public Opinion Research Polling

SMV does not simply report the opinions of the electorate, rather we transform those opinions into a blueprint dictating the direction and strategy of the campaign. The strategic direction provided to our clients comes not only from our accurate polling but also from political judgment refined from nearly a decade of political and polling experience in Missouri and statewide politics.

We firmly believe that we are at the top of the field when it comes to polling methodology. We are always refining our research methodologies and techniques, based on past experience, and the latest in scholarly research, to continually improve the validity and accuracy of our results. 

We have extensive experience in every type of campaign from the general to the specific. However, we have had particular success in the following types of campaigns detailed below.





General Message Development and Testing

Determining the basic message frames for communications, measuring the popularity of specific provisions of the various policy or political proposals, constructing positive messages in favor of these proposals, and assessing vulnerability to attacks from opponents helps to frame and win political debates. 

Based on the type of campaign, we employ focus groups, online survey administration, and/or telephone surveys to craft, test, and refine messages to ensure that our client can communicate to voters in the most effective way possible.


Ballot Measures

From statewide ballot initiatives to local sales tax increases, the research provided by SMV is tailored to meet the needs of our clients and to fit the unique circumstances of each individual campaign. 

Political Candidates

SMV has provided survey research leading to victories for candidates running for offices ranging from a seat on a small town council seat to the mayor of a major metropolitan city. SMV has a proven track record of producing research that has led to electoral victories in every type of campaign- incumbent, challenger, and open seat.



Issue Campaigns

Political campaigns and controversies surrounding hot button issues are sometimes waged, and decisions made, long before voters even reach the ballot box. SMV has helped organizations and interest groups to effectively communicate the merits and benefits of their issue positions. Our research has provided the tools by which concerned citizens can effectively educate and mobilize the public to change public policy.