Twitter to Ban Political Ads

October 30, 2019
St. Louis’s very own Jack Dorsey has stated that Twitter will ban all advertisements about political candidates, elections and hot-button policy issues. Our team at SMV has spent the past several months setting up ad accounts that follow Twitter’s more strict guidelines for organizations to purchase Twitter ads on political issues. This shocking announcement comes on the heels of Facebook’s intense pressure from lawmakers to ban misleading and/or false political advertising. 
Read what Jack had to say on Twitter about the announcement: 

But the change doesn’t affect what users on their own can tweet and share, meaning it may not have much impact on widely followed accounts, including President Trump’s, whose tweets already reach more than 66 million users each day.

This will make it harder for our clients to effectively target ads to stakeholders in the community. We have had great success in many lobbying campaigns, organizing campaigns, and public engagement awareness campaigns using Twitter advertising. Our team will continue to work with current and future clients to shape the narrative online in their favor.


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